Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant is a beautiful feeling. A child can bring happiness into any couple’s life. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, here are a few tips to help you achieve your dream:

Ovulation prediction kit

An OPK (ovulation prediction kit) can increase your chances of getting pregnant. For most women, charting is too confusing. OPKs work by checking the surge of LH. These kits are extremely easy to use and are the most accurate method for checking ovulation timing. If you are looking forward to getting pregnant, these kits are the best investment. They have a number of tests that can determine your LH levels, and are available online or over-the-counter.

Sex before ovulation

For getting pregnant, you should have sex before ovulation, and not after it. Once you ovulate, the egg survives for 24 hours, while sperms survive for 3-5 days. So if you have sex before ovulation, it would increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Don’t rely on ovulation calendars

Many couples rely on the calendar method, which is highly unreliable. This is because the menstrual cycle keeps shifting and is not stable for most women. If you know precisely when you are going to ovulate, it will increase your chances of conceiving. Thus the best method is to use OPK and maintain BBT charts. You can also pay attention to your body signals.

Talk to a doctor

In order to conceive, you must be in good health. Get regular checkups from your doctor. There might be STDs or untreated infections that you are unaware of. Or if you have poor health, it would reduce your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Don’t smoke or drink

This seems like common sense, but you would be surprised to know that there are a lot of women who try getting pregnant while they are drinking, smoking, or even doing drugs! All these things can negatively affect your fertility. Not just smoking and alcohol, even caffeine can play havoc with your fertility. So make sure you keep away from too much coffee. Though a moderate amount is safe, it is best to cut back anyway.

Use a position that keeps sperm inside vagina for long

Avoid woman on top positions. The missionary position is good for getting pregnant. You can also try keeping a pillow under the hips to help the sperm stay in longer. Relax after sex and don’t get up too soon.


This information is provided as a guide and BabyWorks takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from its use.  it is reccomended that you consult your doctor when trying to get pregnant.