Calculating Ovulation

How can you calculate the right time when you are ovulating? As we all know, ovulation time is very important in a woman’s life when she is trying to get pregnant. Two tools for calculating ovulation are ovulation tests and ovulation calculators. Let’s see how both of them work.

Ovulation Calculators

These tools work by calculating the ovulation period by getting the first day of the last period and the length of your cycle. They are just used for approximate dates and they assume regular menstrual cycles. Since menstrual cycle is usually not like clockwork for most women, they only give approximate results. Apart from these calculators, you can also use ovulation calendars and keep track of your ovulation dates. Calendars and calculators work best for women who have regular menstrual cycles. For the others, there are ovulation kits for calculating ovulation.

Calculating ovulation using ovulation kits

These kits are inexpensive and can be bought online or over the counter. These tests have great accuracy and they can tell you your most fertile time of the month. If you are looking forward to getting pregnant, these kits can be really helpful. They come with a test that can be either dipped in a urine sample or held in midstream. After waiting for just five minutes, the results are visible. These tests are easier to take and you don’t have to maintain a calendar. Plus, they are highly accurate and work best with women who have irregular cycles.

Ovulation calculators v/s ovulation kits

The right tool to help you find out your ovulation period depends upon your need. If you just want to keep track of your menstrual cycle to help determine your next period, an ovulation calendar or ovulation calculator would be sufficient. But if you want to get pregnant, and don’t want to miss out on your ovulation time, you should use ovulation kits.

Why ovulation kits are the best?

• If both partners work away, it is best to schedule sex during fertile days.

• If the couple already has a kid, and both partners have a hectic schedule, it means sex is not a priority. In such a case, it is best to schedule it on the most fertile days.

• For women with irregular menstrual cycles, conceiving becomes difficult. Ovulation kits would tell them the best time for conceiving.

• With these kits, you can check your ovulation time in the privacy of your home, and if there is a need, consult a doctor.


This information is provided as a guide and BabyWorks takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from its use.  it is reccomended that you consult your doctor when trying to get pregnant.