What are Ovulation Tests?

Ovulation tests are used by women to predict when they approach ovulation to know the most fertile days for them. This is very important for women who are trying to get pregnant.

Ovulation tests are used to check the level of luteinizing hormone, or LH, which is present in urine. Just prior to ovulation, your LH levels will surge to their maximum. Ovulation tests can detect this surge, and tell you when you are ovulating.

There are different types of ovulation tests, like test trips, cassette tests, and midstream tests. A positive outcome in these tests means that you will become fertile in a few days (about 2-3 days). The peak fertility time is 24-36 hours after getting a positive result. Sex in the next few days would yield high chances of conceiving.

You need to know that LH is produced in small amounts through the entire cycle, but during ovulation, there is a dramatic increase in its volume. And this dramatic increase lasts for a brief period, so it is recommended to test for ovulation frequently. This is done to make sure that the LH spike is not missed. Some studies show that the best time for the ovulation test is during the afternoon because LH is generally produced in the morning.

Throughout the menstrual cycle, the body produces follicle stimulating hormone, or FSH. This hormone helps in producing follicles that cushion the ovum and mature it. When the ovum is ready to leave, LH is released to open the follicle. When the follicle is open, the ovum goes to the fallopian tube, and this is called ovulation- the most fertile point in the menstrual cycle.

Different ovulation tests

• Test strip: These strips can be used to detect the LH levels in your urine. Take a cup of urine and dip the strip in it. Put the strip on a flat surface and let it dry. Wait for five minutes and see the results.

• Cassette test: Cassette test kits comes with a dropper. With the help of this dropper, drop 4 drops of urine on the screen. Wait for five minutes and then check your results.

• Midstream test: This one is the most convenient of all ovulation tests. The test can be held under the urine stream. Then you have to wait for five minutes before checking the result.

If you want to take ovulation tests to find out the most fertile period to get pregnant, it is best to buy a pack of these tests so that you can check frequently.



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